How to use wildcards in Legends of Runeterra

No decks shall remain unfinished.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Designing card games may look simple at first glance, but there are just too many variables developer teams consider throughout the development stage players may not realize. Not only do you need an engaging gameplay experience to attract players, you’ll also need a decent monetary system to keep the game as accessible as possible.

Though card games, in general, are known to be harsh on players’ wallets, Legends of Runeterra is one of the examples that goes against the narrative. LoR pairs its excellent free-to-play (F2P) experience with affordable bundles and other in-game cards, alongside solving an everlasting problem for card game players.

Missing that final card to complete your deck has been one of the more annoying aspects of most card games on the market. It’s not the case in LoR, however. You’ll be able to unlock any card you’d like, given that you have a Wildcard for that rarity.

You’ll be able to unlock the common card of your choosing with a common Wildcard, and the same will apply to all the other rarities.

You can even purchase Wildcards individually. The natural instinct will usually be checking your inventory after you receive one, and not seeing your Wildcards there may be confusing. Wildcards won’t show up in your inventory, and you’ll need to do the following to use one.

  • Navigate to your collection and choose “Cards.”
  • Click on “Choose Unowned.”
    • Turning on this option will let you see all the cards that you don’t own.
  • Find the card that you’d like to craft and click on them to reveal the crafting menu.
  • When you highlight a card, you’ll see the three crafting options.
  • If you own a Wildcard for that card’s rarity, you’ll be able to click on “Wildcard,” and doing so will redeem your Wildcard for the crafting process.