How to get Jayce in Legends of Runeterra

"Time to make a stand."

TFT Set 6 Jayce
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is getting ready to debut its animated TV series, Arcane, which releases on Nov. 6. Fans will be able to tune into Arcane on Netflix if they can find the time to watch the show amid the events in all of Riot’s games to celebrate the occasion.

Legends of Runeterra players will be treated with a Mega Event Pass, an improved version of the regular Event pass. Additionally, there’s also a new permanent game mode on the horizon for LoR players, Path of Champions. The new game mode will be replacing Lab of Legends.

To top it off, LoR players will also be celebrating the release of Jayce, who will be available after the next patch. Considering Jayce will hit the live servers on his own, unlocking them may seem slightly more complicated. He’s a Champion card after all, though, and players will be able to add him to their collection by using Wildcards or Shards.

While it isn’t confirmed, Jayce is from the Piltover region and players may be able to unlock him while opening rewards from the Piltover region. If Riot’s feeling generous, they may even give a copy of Jayce to all the players, but nothing is for certain until the patch goes live and players get to see Riot’s plans for releasing Jayce.

If you’re short on Wildcards or Shards, this might be a decent time to focus on completing the daily quests that you’ve been putting off to level up your weekly vault, which is one of the best ways to collect cards. The Weekly Vault unlocks every Thursday and rewards players for their time spent in the game with various rewards ranging from Wildcards to copies of cards.