Every Expedition change happening in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.1

Small adjustments are coming to the Expedition mode.

Legends of Runeterra Eye of the Dragon
Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra is getting its first patch tomorrow since the release of its newest set, Rising Tides. While the newest patch doesn’t include any major balance changes to cards in the collection, it does bring micro-adjustments to LoR’s limited format.

In addition to the minimal alteration of which cards can be offered in certain buckets, Riot Games shared some insight into reasons why these smaller changes are happening. The team said certain archetypes, namely Nautilus and Deep decks, are on a watch list for potential future changes since Expedition decks are smaller than constructed decks.

More importantly, once Patch 1.2 comes along on May 26, the offering bonus granted to new Rising Tides champion buckets will go away. If you want to experience the newer cards in Expedition, this is your last chance to have increased odds of drafting Rising Tides cards in your trials.

Here are all of the changes, and the reasoning behind them, coming to Expedition mode in Patch 1.1:

Noxian Might, at its core, is supposed to be about 5+ Power units and Nexus damage, overwhelming the opponent in the mid game. Given that, Riot is weakening its early game so you’ll have to dip into other archetypes if you want to start threatening your opponent on turn one.

  • Removed: Legion Rearguard

Scrapheap is getting a minor tweak to enable Insightful Investigator a bit more.

  • Added: Academy Prodigy
  • Removed: Rising Spell Force

Total Recall hasn’t been all that successful lately, so Riot is removing some of the slower and more inconsistent cards in favor of some solid removal options.

  • Added: Thermogenic Beam, Statikk Shock
  • Removed: Unlicensed Innovation, Shady Character, Shadowshift

You can start to get used to these new Expedition adjustments when LoR Patch 1.1 releases tomorrow, May 12, at 11am CT.