Every Expedition change coming with Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.13

Monuments of Power’s offering bonus is getting cut in half.

Image via Riot Games

As expected for every Legends of Runeterra patch, the game’s Expedition limited format is receiving an update to keep it fresh with tomorrow’s Patch 1.13. 

With every new expansion or set release, Riot adds an offering bonus to the newer cards introduced to the game. There was an offering bonus that was added to Monuments of Power’s newest cards, which let players see the newer cards more often. With Patch 1.13’s release, this offering bonus is being halved. Aside from altering Monuments of Power’s offering bonus, Riot said the newest Dragons added to the game have found a strong spot in the limited meta.

On the opposite end to Dragons, the newest healing set, Mending Touch, has been the weakest archetype ever seen in the limited format. To help alleviate this problem, Riot is adding more self-damage cards to the bucket to allow players faster opportunities to heal their own units. Riot also removed a hefty amount of underperforming cards from the bucket and increased the rate of how often players will see this improved bucket.

Here are all of the changes coming to Expedition mode in Patch 1.13:

Collective Support

  • Added: Zenith Blade
  • Removed: Crystal Ibex, Sneaky Zeebles, Wish

Mending Touch

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Abyssal Eye, Crusty Codger, Hired Gun, Razorscale Hunter
  • Removed: Monkey Idol, Pool Shark, Shards of the Mountain, Slotbot, Sunk Cost, Tyari the Traveler

Spell Slingers

  • Added: Scrapshot
  • Removed: Shakedown, Sunk Cost

Master the changes to the Expedition mode when LoR Patch 1.13 drops tomorrow, Oct. 28.