All Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.8 Pulsefire skins and personalizations

Break out the blasters and go pew-pew with free and purchasable Pulsefire skins and more.

Image via Riot Games

Over a dozen new Legends of Runeterra personalizations are getting added to the digital card game via Patch 3.8, from Puslfire skins on new and existing champions to event rewards and Guardians. 

Scheduled to release on May 25, the LoR Worldwalker expansion will drop a total of 65 cards into the game. In addition to new champions, mechanics, and an upgraded Path of Champions, Patch 3.8 also includes over a dozen personalizations that can either get purchased or earned as free rewards. 

Patch 3.8 Champion LoR skins

A total of six LoR champions are receiving Pulsefire skins with the Worldwalker expansion launch. 

Pulsefire Jhin

The Pulsefire Jhin package includes Pulsefire skin, alternative art, level-up animation, and a Skill VFX. 

Pulsefire Caitlyn

Caitlyn’s Pulsefire package includes Pulsefire skin, alternative art, level-up animation, and Flashbomb VFX.

Pulsefire Aphelios

The Pulsefire Aphelios skin comes with alternative art and Moon Weapon VFX.

Pulsefire Thresh

Pulsefire Thresh skin comes with alternative art and a special VFX.

Pulsefire Lucian

The Pulsefire Lucian Pulsefire skin comes with an alternative art version as well.

Pulsefire Akshan

A Pulsefire Akshan skin is included in the premium Pulsefire event as an exclusive, along with an alternative art skin and alternative art for his zero-cost created spells. 

The Chronosphere board

Patch 3.8 includes a new LoR Chronosphere board. It features interactive elements, special visual effects, and plays music. 

Chronosphere board

Tibbers Guardian

Annie’s bear Tibbers has two Guardian versions: Pulsefire and regular. 

Pulsefire Chip

Patch 3.8 drops a new Guardian Pulsefire version for Chip. 

Patch 3.8 LoR card backs

A total of seven card sleeves are included in Patch 3.8, three of which are rewards for Path of Champion players who reached certain achievements prior to the update. 

  • Scroll of Runeterra: Earned by players who completed an adventure in PoC 1.0
  • Plaque of Runeterra: Earned by players who defeated Gangplank in PoC 1.0
  • Gem of Runeterra: Earned by players who defeated Viktor in PoC 1.0

The other four card backs are Pulsfire sleeves: Virtuoso, Siblings, Rogue, and Truthseeker. 


There are a total of five new LoR emotes via Patch 3.8: “Wait for it,” Backfire, “This Again?”, “Scooped Out,” and “Adventuring!”


Pulsefire skin bundle

Patch 3.8 contains a total of three LoR bundles. Deck bundle prices will vary as owned cards are prorated toward the final price. 

  • Timewalkers bundle: A Pulsefire bundle that includes champion cards and Pulsefire skins for Jhin, Caitlyn, Aphelios, Thresh, and Lucian. 
  • Deadly Fire deck: A preconstructed LoR deck featuring champions Annie and Jhin. Includes the Pulsefire Jhin skin as well. 
  • Otherworldly Voyagers deck: A preconstructed deck featuring Illoai and Bard.

All images via Riot Games.