All Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.10 skins and personalizations

The party never ends.

A total of six Legends of Runeterra champions are getting new skins within Patch 3.10, along with the addition of a Tavern board and two emotes. 

Scheduled to go live on June 27, Patch 3.10 steps up the alternative art skins and level up animations for a number of LoR champions. A total of six champions are getting new skins while only three are receiving alternative level-up animations. 

  • Bard: Level one and two Bard Bard alternative art and VFX
  • Bard: Level-up animation
  • Fizz: Level one and two Fizz Finslayer alternative art and VFX
  • Fizz: Level-up animation
  • Nami: Level one and two Nami Tidecaller alternative art
  • Nami: Level-up animation
  • Lee Sin: Level one and two Monk Lee Sin alternative art
  • Zilean: Level one and two Zilean Wisewood alternative art
  • Darius: Level one and two Rift Master Darius alternative art
Tabletop Tavern board

Players will have a new LoR board to choose from in the shop with Patch 3.10 via the Tabletop Tavern. The new board has visual effects and music that are included with it. For gamers, the Tabletop Tavern will likely incite some nostalgic memories in a good way. 

Two emotes are also getting added via LoR Patch 3.10. Zilean will get a Snoozefest emote for players who ponder every decision or simply enjoy roping their opponent. And Bard will get an Outclassed emote, with the champion weeping tears as he plays his best Chime tune. 

Every Legends of Ruenterra Patch 3.10 skin and personalization option will release on June 28. All images via Riot Games.