Alanzq is the first Legends of Runeterra World Champion

After a weekend of high quality games, Poland’s representative reigns victorious.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s first World Championship series came to an end today with Alanzq claiming ultimate victory over Yamato in a close 2-1 sweep. Both competitors brought unique and interesting lists into the finals, and Alanzq was the sole player to bring both Akshan/Sivir Demacia and Ezreal Curious Shellfolk to the top 16.

The matchup wasn’t the first time that Alanzq and Yamato faced off in the tournament. The two met in the Group C top 16 match, and Yamato, representing Japan, took the first game in both series. In both, Alanzq, the Polish representative, scored a reverse sweep in the end.

The situation was looking bleak for Alanzq in the finals game that would eliminate him from the tournament. Caitlyn’s Flashbomb traps opened up a possibility for a comeback for him, however, and gave him a much-needed second wind.

Unluckily for Yamato, a missed Allegiance proc ultimately sealed his fate in a close back-and-forth final game between Yamato’s Gangplank Sejuani Plunder and Alanzq’s Akshan/Sivir Demacia, giving Alanzq the title.

With this victory, Alanzq takes home $40,000 and the pride of being LoR’s first world champion.
While Worlds has concluded, the chance to jump into competition never ends. If you want to try to compete yourself, winning the Last Chance Qualifier or finishing top 700 on the ladder will let you compete in the Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal Tournament on Oct. 9.