Zed and 9 other champions set to receive buffs in League Patch 12.15

Brace yourself, a series of champions are receiving changes in the next patch.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends dev team are aiming to strengthen 10 champions in Patch 12.15.

Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead designer for the game’s balance team has shared a series of changes coming to Patch 12.15, which is expected to ship on Wednesday, next week.

This time around, the number of champions and systems receiving buffs in the next patch is significantly higher than the nerfs. “Most buffs are targeted at repeatability over burst,” Phroxzon explained.

A few assassins have found themselves on the buff list, including Zed and Akali. The devs are giving Zed an infinite mimic range on his Shadow spell and decreasing the energy cost on his E. Similarly, the devs are increasing the energy cost and refund of Akali’s W when she presumably enters the fog.

In the mid lane in Patch 12.14, Zed and Akali have recorded 50.82 and 49.09 percent win rates, respectively, according to U.GG.

A handful of other champions are set to receive buffs as well, with a few junglers among them. Lillia’s damage in the jungle is getting buffed, Rammus is receiving changes to his ultimate, and Lee Sin is getting a recast spell energy cost decrease.

Top laners and support champs are also on the list. Singed, Kennen, and Shen are receiving minor changes, and Leona and Thresh are being significantly buffed.