Yone, Lux nerfed in League Patch 10.17 preview

League's newest champion is getting another nerf.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is targeting several bot-lane champions in League’s Patch 10.17.

Lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted the patch preview for Patch 10.17, which he says is “a bit smaller” and will be playable on Aug. 19. Among the changes, there will be nerfs to Caitlyn, Sona, Lux, and Yone.

In an image Yetter tweeted, Lux’s nerfs include a W shield decrease, a W mana cost increase, and a bug fix with her W giving her extra shield. Yone, the latest League champion to be released, received another nerf, with his Q base damage being decreased and his ultimate being changed so it does not lifesteal anymore.

There are fewer champions being buffed in Patch 10.17. Kai’Sa is receiving two changes to her kit—her AD per level will be increased and so will her E attack speed.

Here are all of the buffs and nerfs listed in the League 10.17 Patch Preview.


  • Aatrox: R bonus AD increased from 20-30 to 20-40 percent.
  • Gragas: Armor increased from 35 to 38.
  • Kai’Sa: AD per level increased from 1.7 to 2. E attack speed increased from 40-60 to 40-80 percent.
  • Varus: Attack speed per level increased from 3 to 3.75 percent.
  • Xayah: AD per level increased from 2.9 to 3.5.


  • Caitlyn: Movement speed decreased from 330 to 325.
  • Evelynn: Q base damage decreased from 30-50 to 25-45.
  • Hecarim: E movement speed decreased from 25-100 to 25-85 percent over three seconds.
  • Lux: W shield decreased from 50-150 (+30 percent AP) to 45-125 (+35 AP). W mana cost increased from 60 to 60-80. W extra shield at edge bug fixed. Q base damage decreased from 30-50 to 25-45.
  • Qiyana: W on hit damage AD ratio decreased from 20 to 10 percent. E base damage decreased from 60-200 to 60-180.
  • Sona: Q AP ratio decreased from 50-40 percent. E movement speed AP ratio decreased from 3 to 2 percent per 100 AP
  • Yone: Q base damage decreased from 20-120 to 20-100. R no longer lifesteals.

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