Yasuo pulls off flawless Dragon steal and escape

It might not have been a game-winning play, but it was still a win.

Just because a game isn’t going well doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. This is exactly what one Yasuo player did in a clip posted to Reddit.

In the clip, Yasuo hid in the brush inside of the Dragon’s pit. It isn’t clear exactly how long he had been in that position, but as the Ocean Drake spawned, the enemy team attempted to slay the dragon for themselves.

Remaining hidden in the bush, the Drake turned its attention to the brush, but this didn’t alert the enemy KogMaw and Kayle, who continued their attack on the Dragon. That mistake allowed Yasuo to use his smite to secure the Drake for himself and then exit the area. After noticing the kill notification went to the blue team, members of the red team attempted to ward over the wall and cast skill shots into the bush to no success.

After pulling off a perfect Dragon steal, Yasuo recalled to his base in style. While we don’t know the outcome of this match, it isn’t likely that this steal was enough to turn the match around considering the other team had 26 more kills than Yasuo’s. Even if the match was a loss, this play was a victory for Yasuo.