The semifinals of Worlds 2020 are a repeat of 2019’s bracket in terms of seeds and regional breakdown

According to "the script," Top Esports should win over G2 with a 3-0 score.

Image via Riot Games

With only four teams remaining in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, the semifinal bracket contains the same regional breakdown and seeds as last year’s competition.

The LPL, LCK, and LEC’s first seeds are once again in the semifinal round of Worlds alongside the LPL’s third seed. But G2 Esports are the only returning team.

Worlds 2020 bracket | Screengrab via

In 2019, G2 (LEC first seed), SKT (LCK first seed), FunPlus Phoenix (LPL first seed), and Invictus Gaming (LPL third seed) advanced to the semifinals of Worlds. And this year, the same exact seeds made it to the top four of Worlds 2020—G2 (LEC first seed), DAMWON Gaming (LCK first seed), Top Esports (LPL first seed), and Suning (LPL third seed).

This also means that for the second straight year, the semifinals of Worlds have featured two Chinese teams, one European squad, and one Korean team.

Worlds 2019 bracket | Screengrab via

If “the script” is followed from 2019, that’d mean TES would beat G2 3-0 in the finals of Worlds 2020. But anything is possible this year.

This isn’t the only coincidence between the two tournaments, though. Last year, the quarterfinals also featured a similar situation to Worlds 2020. The LPL’s first seed (TES) took down the LEC’s second seed (Fnatic), while the LEC’s first seed (G2) beat the LCK’s third seed (Gen.G) for a chance to face the LCK’s first seed (DAMWON).

While the chances of this happening seem quite slim, the current bracket format is at fault. Due to the way teams are sent into the knockout stage from their groups, this situation could pop up every year unless the bracket format is changed.

Worlds 2020 will continue on Saturday, Oct. 24 with G2 vs. DWG at 5am CT.

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