Wild Rift players will need to re-purchase League champions/skins, even if you have them on the PC version

Your unlocked content isn't carrying over.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Sorry League of Legends fans, but if you were hoping that your current unlocked champions and skins from the PC version of the game could transfer over to Wild Rift, we have some bad news. Riot Games has confirmed that you will need to re-purchase champions and skins on mobile.

“Your inventory will not transfer between games—that said, there’s a variety of reasons for that,” Associate art director Alex Lehmann said. “We don’t have content parity, and we won’t have content parity. So, we have to make a universal solution that’s fair to all players.”

This means that the Wild Rift will not have the exact same content as the PC version of League of Legends has, which means that some skins and champions won’t be available on mobile. For example, Bard and Udyr are not available on the mobile version of League. That means if you are a Bard one-trick and you’ve bought all of his skins, all of that content will not even be in Wild Rift.

Lehmann also said that Riot will be using a system where the game will take some of the investment you’ve put into the PC League, and transfer that into Wild Rift. These will come in forms of starting boosts that should help you in the beginning stages of the game.

Not too many people were thrilled about this news, as expected. Many people have poured a ton of time and money into League of Legends, so hearing that they’ll have to spend more time and money into the mobile version might be quite discouraging.