3 March 2015 - 22:44

Wickd returns to the Elements lineup

For the third week in a row, EU League Championship Series defending champions Elements will feature a new lineup
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For the third week in a row, EU League Championship Series defending champions Elements will feature a new lineup.

Top laner Mike “Wickd” Petersen is returning to the lineup two weeks after Elements benched him in favor of Kevin “kev1n” Rubiszewski.

After a disappointing 4-4 start to the season, Elements made the swap in an attempt to bring back their championship-caliber play. But in the first week with Rubiszewski in the lineup, the team went 0-2, including throwing a match against Giants Gaming after building a large lead. The team then swapped in support player Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels in place of Patrick “Nyph” Funke, leading to a 1-1 week thanks to a victory over last place Meet Your Makers.

The reason for Petersen's return remains unclear, though he promises to shed some light on the issue tomorrow. But the team, it seems, is ready for another change—though this time, it brings more of the same.

Petersen’s return to the lineup reunites three of the core players from Counter Logic Gaming EU, Petersen, Voorspoels, and mid laner Henrik “Froggen” Hansen. It was a winning combination in 2012, when the squad emerged as one of the top teams in the world, even placing second in OGN Summer 2012.

Elements will try to reignite some of that magic with Petersen returning and in the lineup alongside Voorspoels. Whether they are able to, though, is a different matter, as the team’s issues are seemingly unrelated to play skill.

This week, Elements will look to get back on track against Copenhagen Wolves and Unicorns of Love. It’s an important week for them considering their two 6-6 foes are both one game ahead of Elements in the standings, blocking them from an all-important playoff spot.

Of course, Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema may need to be careful what he wishes for. The Elements jungler could be next in the diabolical plot to bring back CLG EU, if Sam "Kobe24" Hartman-Kenzler has his way.

Of course retired players Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis and Peter "Yellowpete" Wüppen are certainly not the answer to Elements' problems. And they're not that desperate—yet.

Photo via Riot Games/Flickr

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