Why I want to see Teemo in the LCS

Many articles about esports are predictions: Who will do well in the upcoming season, which champs will suddenly shine with the new changesorhow the meta is going to change.

Many articles about esports are predictions: Who will do well in the upcoming season, which champs will suddenly shine with the new changes or how the meta is going to change. However, none of these articles have a certain view of the future, as, of course, it is the future and infinitely changeable. Therefore, today I want to write about something that I want to see instead of something that I might see.
I want to see Teemo in the LCS. Now, before you start crying out “Teemo is against the meta/Satan”, hear me out.
Riot constantly says, in each of their reworks, that they want every champ to have it’s own niche. Sion is the late game hyper tank who cannot die. Nidalee is the mobile champ that excels in skirmishes. Lee Sin is an early game monster. Each character is supposed to have a certain tactical aspect that they can bring to the game. Why shouldn’t  Teemo also fall under this category?
What Teemo brings to the table is map control. Forget his ap scaling auto attacks. That just makes him a poor marksman, with below average range and no possibility at crits. Instead, his shrooms can help the team control objectives. With early dragons increasing in value this season, map control is a highly important aspect of the top tier teams. When the enemy team is at 3 quarters health after running to drag, they’re understandably unwilling to fight. And Teemo shrooms are somewhat undetectable. Unless the enemy team runs all red trinkets, they will undoubtedly run through a few shrooms. They can’t use the raptor smite bonus to clear the shrooms or else they lose the dragon automatically.
So Teemo does bring something to the game. The problem is fitting him into the meta. He’s a bad top laner. He’s a bad mid laner. He’s a bad marksman. He’s a bad jungler. Logically, the only position remaining for Teemo is as a support. Let’s examine what he brings to the support role. Obviously, he has his blind. This means that his marksman will automatically win small trades. His e is good for harassing, and it procs the AP support item 3 times due to it’s poison. He does not have any cc or heals, so he would be somewhat of a kill lane. When he hits 6, he can offer great vision as well with his shrooms, as it adds to the 3 wards he can place down.
Overall, I think that Teemo could very well be a niche pick in the LCS. Now I want to see it happen. The problem with the LCS for me last year was that the same champion pool was picked every game. I want to see that expand.
Remember, Cloud 9 chose him once last year during the spring split and they won the game due to his shrooms.
Hopefully we manage to see more variety in champions in the LCS. Then Teemo might be chosen in one game, and I’ll realize how annoying he is and I’ll take back everything that I said.