Why CLG Doesnt Need to Answer to Their Fans

In a perfect world, everything is.. perfect. Today I'll tell you why in a non-perfect world, there is a fine line between discretion and transparency

In a perfect world, everything is.. perfect.

Today I’ll tell you why in a non-perfect world, there is a fine line between discretion and transparency. The internet has exploded after the League of Legends Season 5 World Championships came to conclusion. Spoiler-alert, SKT1 dominated and took home the championship for the second time. If you didn’t know that by now, what are you nuts? Go watch the Worlds VOD’ dummy!

In traditional eSports fashion many organizations scatter to replace weak links, restructure their coaching staff, make promises, cry on twitter.. etc.. etc. It’s not exclusive to League of Legends. It happens to the teams in CS and other eSports title’, in which I created a whole series on. It reminds players and fans alike that there is no certainty. No one is promised a position after their contract ends. Heck, no one is promised a position during their contract time. 

It’s raw at its very core, the wild wild west of gaming. Expectedly organizations scatted to replace weak links.. blah blah blah. Unexpectedly certain teams found themselves removing 3/5th’s of rosters, removing coaches, and staff that were seemingly clear from a reshuffle. TSM/CLG as examples, that’s all I need to say..

Those two organizations single handedly turned internet forum users against each other, fighting ethics, morality, responsibility among other things. I read something very interesting this morning. A twitter user tweeted asking an organization to come clean about why x player was removed or a dire consequence would be.. a block and he’d “hop” over to a new team who were more transparent. It made me chuckle admittedly, but it also made me wonder.

Why do people expect a professional entity to respond to criticism of that specific nature? When someone gets kicked, the organization can exercise discretion and announce it and why but it’s not an entitlement. They aren’t a publicly funded group that answer to stockholders. Sure, it’s absolutely nice to get a response but I won’t lose sleep and hold my breathe waiting for a press conference. This is where CLG comes in to the fray of the topic.

People are upset that CLG as a eSports organization haven’t been as truthful or even open about their decisions to remove players and staff. A lot of the involved were removed for specific reasons. Some reasons are dirty laundry, they shouldn’t be aired. It only creates drama, diminishes professionalism, and turns everyone involved against each other. We can sit here and not only use CLG as example, we can use so many other organizations who fully embrace the notion of discretionary press releases or simply staying quiet to avoid a total fallout.

In a world where rumors spread like wildfire and information can be spread as easily as pressing a button. It’s no wonder why being safe rather than sorry comes first. Statements can hinder or completely ruin careers. For CLG I’m not even a bit concerned as why they don’t “come clean” regarding their removals, I respect their decision as a spectator and a fan of sport of competitive gaming. We’ll never truly know the full picture and we should be fine with that.

Enough witch hunting, put those pitchforks down. Read some changes coming up to the game we all know and love. Focus on the good, never the bad. Go on Twitch and watch Bob Ross GGWP those paintings while you spam your KappaRoss emote flawlessly.

Such a happy little tree! ( ?^ ?? ?^)

(Image via clgaming.net)