Who could the Firelight leader in Riot Games’ Arcane be?

There were multiple hints towards the masked leader's identity.

Screengrab via Riot Games

If you’re all caught up to the recent act of Riot Games’ newest animated series, Arcane, then you’ll recognize one of the newest characters to join the show. (If you haven’t watched the second act of show, avoid reading on unless you don’t mind spoilers.)

Now, in the first episode of Act Two, we are introduced to the mysterious masked leader of a new rebel group called the Firelight. Both he and the group are set to be a major player in the final act of the series. The group’s goals aren’t exactly known just yet, although it looks like they are fighting against the efforts of one of the show’s main villains, Silco.

Many people are already speculating who the new character could be, but according to some clues from their appearances, some League of Legends lore masters have already discerned who they might be.

Who could the Firelight leader be from League lore?

Screengrab via Riot Games/Netflix

One champion that could play the Firelight leader from previous episodes is Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time.

The white-haired child was first seen in Arcane, mentioned by the characters by the loving moniker Little Man. He was the secret source that gave Vi’s ragtag group the tip about Jayce’s hidden laboratory in Piltover, listened in on the conversation between Vander and Greyson the Enforcer, and eventually watched as Silco’s Shimmer-fueled monster killed his father figure, Benzo.

As a result, it would make sense that the brilliant child prodigy would grow to hate Silco and aim to foil whatever plans he has with the Shimmer serum, since that same serum caused his makeshift family to break apart in the most brutal way. In the opening moments after the title sequence, the Firelight group led by the masked individual wants to burn down all the Shimmer entering the city.

During that same scene, the masked character can be seen using a pocket watch to keep timers on how long his crystal traps would last on Silco’s gang. He focuses a lot on time as a factor during the mission, and Ekko uses time in all of his abilities—you know, since he can turn back time with his Z-Drive Resonance.

Image via Riot Games

The masked character also wears a familiar red scarf around his neck, which can also be seen on Ekko in his base splash art and character design. He is armed with a baton, just like what Ekko uses to auto-attack his enemies.

The last big hint that tell us that the Firelight leader is Ekko lies within the cool-looking hoverboards that he and his gang use to traverse around the city. The young boy was an inventor from a young age, and was one of the smartest kids in Zaun. It’s very likely that he has now grown up, built the boards for his friends, and has now created a guerrilla group against the forces of evil.

We will probably get a big reveal for the masked leader in Arcane’s third act, which is set to premiere next weekend on Saturday, Nov. 20.

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