Which League of Legends champion has the most skins?

If you’re an Ornn fan, don’t look here.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends releases more than 100 skins for its champions every year, and over more than 10 years, Riot has almost reached the 2,000 skin mark for summoners to use. In 2021 alone, the total number of skins given to champions was 127, according to the League Wiki

But there have been instances where League players felt like some of their favorite champions received more skins than others. While some champions still await their second skin after their release one, others have been collecting cosmetics one after another. 

Here are the three champions with the most skins in League of Legends as of April 2022. 

Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

The Bounty Hunter Miss Fortune has 17 skins to her name. Miss Fortune has been a popular champion since her release in 2010 and her approachable design makes her fit for almost every alternative universe created by Riot with its skin lines. From the Far West to an Arcade or becoming the Goddess of Guns, Miss Fortune has been a part of many League universes and has worn many costumes, while remaining true to her rebellious nature and her wild hair.

Lux and Ezreal

Image via Riot Games

Just one skin behind the Bounty Hunter, the champions with the second-most skins are Lux and Ezreal. Similar to Miss Fortune, these two champs have gained a lot of popularity in the League community since their releases. Both of them have 16 skins to their names and share some alternative universes between them, with the latest being the Porcelain skin line.