When does League’s newest champion Nilah release?

Get ready to control the tide of battle.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready to make a splash on Summoner’s Rift, League of Legends fans. Riot Games has officially unveiled the game’s newest champion: Nilah, the Joy Unbound.

This unique bot lane melee carry will be shaking up the meta with a kit filled to the brim with new abilities that are sure to make waves among the player base. Nilah is a very mobile champion that is most powerful when dashing around enemies while dealing a ton of area-of-effect damage along the way.

In the game’s lore, Nilah is a warrior who hails from a distant land away from the main countries of Runeterra. Her life’s goal is to find the strongest and most deadly opponents and challenge them to a fight.

Her water-bound powers derive from her victory over the demon of joy, but as an unfortunate side effect, the only emotion that she feels is unbridled joy. She uses this unbreakable happiness in battle as she defends the world from threats of all kinds.

When does Nilah release in League of Legends?

Nilah will be hitting live servers on Wednesday, July 13. This also means that she will be released alongside the upcoming summer Star Guardian event, which will be starting a day later on Thursday, July 14.

Patch 12.13 will be the update where all of this new content will be available in-store.