What time does League of Legends Patch 10.1 go live?

Aphelios and Mordekaiser are finally getting nerfed.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.1 promises to right the wrongs of season nine and nerf some of the most destructive champions in the game while simultaneously buffing those in need of loving care and attention. 

Ahead of season 10, set to release on Friday, Jan. 10, Riot will be extensively nerfing the newest ADC to join the game, Aphelios, as well as tuning down the top lane dominant Mordekaiser. 

The upcoming patch will also focus on Sylas, buffing him across the board, and adding much-needed changes to champions like Azir, Corki, Nami, Vi, and Zyra. While they may not be comprehensive buffs, they’ll help improve the champion’s standings in competitive play, as well as on the solo queue ladder.

To go alongside the revisions to champions, support items and Omnistone will also receive changes.

What time does the patch release to the live servers?

League’s Patch 10.1 is set to go live on Wednesday, Jan. 8, with server maintenance expected to begin at 5am CT. The patch will then be ready to play around three hours later, at 8am CT. 

Season 10 will begin two days later on Friday, Jan 10 and go live at a similar time.