Weibo Gaming win seventh consecutive match against LNG Esports, tied for first in LPL

Weibo Gaming are the LPL's hottest team right now.

Photo via Riot Games

Weibo Gaming won an important matchup against LNG Esports 2-1 today in week six of the 2022 LPL Summer Split to move into a tie for first with Victory Five.

Game one was all about Weibo Gaming top laner TheShy on Sion. He found himself with a constant advantage in the side lane against LNG top laner Ale’s Jayce. At 20 minutes, TheShy held a 3/0/0 scoreline over Ale’s 0/3/0 line and the side lane pressure from Sion was always something that LNG needed to take into account when trying to go for plays around the map.

Furthermore, SofM ran rampant across the map throughout the early game and mid game teamfights on his Lee Sin pick. The top-jungle duo went on to help Weibo Gaming grab a 6,000 gold lead and they pathed toward the Baron at 25 minutes.

But a Jinx rocket from LNG AD carry Light helped kickstart an eventual won teamfight and Baron steal from LNG, who climbed back into the game with a 3,000 gold lead. 

From here, the game danced back and forth. It all culminated in one final Elder Dragon fight, which Weibo Gaming won to close out the first game.

In game two, LNG managed to stave off Weibo Gaming’s constant presence with the Zeri through LNG jungler Tarzan’s exceptional early-game pathing and presence. LNG struggled to carry this early-game presence into a sustainable gold lead for the first 20 minutes but they eventually built that up to 5,000 once they took down their fifth turret and won the following teamfight. This helped LNG close out the second game in 30 minutes and brought the series to a third game.

The final game saw SofM’s Lee Sin carry the early game once again. But this time, Weibo Gaming did not stop at all. Weibo Gaming showcased a new form in the third game and LNG were unable to find any avenue to come back into the game since the snowball led to four dragons, seven turrets, and a 7,000 gold lead for WBG. Weibo Gaming took every single possible tower from LNG’s base before they closed out the game and series at 30 minutes.

This win for Weibo Gaming puts them in a tie for first with Victory Five at 8-1 in the 2022 LPL Spring Split, while dropping LNG down to 7-2. For Weibo Gaming, this marks their seventh consecutive win, which matches the streak from LNG’s initial 7-0 start this year. But this loss now puts LNG at two losses in a row.

Both teams will look to continue their push for playoffs later this week. Weibo Gaming will play against OMG on Feb. 26 and LNG will take on V5 on Feb. 27.