Voyboy calls out FlyQuest top laner Solo for constantly trolling games “since season one”

Voyboy doesn't usually lose his cool.

Photo via Riot Games

Former League of Legends pro and popular streamer Voyboy is usually calm, cool, and collected when playing solo queue. But last night, he showed that even he has a limit when it comes to people trolling his games.

During a stream with Team Liquid jungler Broxah, Voyboy was put onto a team with FlyQuest’s Solo. The game wasn’t going too well for his team—although it was still winnable—and the 26-year-old top laner began to troll by splitting away from his squad and intentionally feeding.

As a result, Voyboy typed up a storm toward Solo, berating him for “acting a fool after being like this for 10 years.” Solo ended the game with the most deaths on his team, but the four other players didn’t do too well either after tilting due to his antics. Voyboy then explained why he lost his cool on the veteran top laner after spending so many years alongside him in high Elo play.

“I’ve just had so many instances of Solo trolling a game or not giving a fuck,” Voyboy said after the match. “It’s pretty annoying because honestly, I thought he reformed, joined FlyQuest, [and] got to finals. I thought he was changing it up, but he’s still doing the same shit. It’s pretty disappointing.”

Solo is one of the most experienced pros in the North American League scene, having started his career in 2014. He’s jumped around from multiple rosters, including Cloud9 Challenger, Echo Fox, Team Liquid Academy, Clutch Gaming, and now FlyQuest.

Voyboy has also been active in the League community for a long time, becoming one of the most popular and consistent streamers since he left the competitive scene in 2014. He’s known for being one of the more patient League streamers, constantly pushing for a positive mental attitude in his games.

But every person has a limit—and Voyboy reached his with Solo.