20 November 2017 - 21:38

Voting has closed, and Illaoi's next skin has been chosen

Drum roll, please.
Image via Riot Games

Illaoi, everyone's favorite tentacle-clad demigoddess, has only ever had one skin since her release. Voting began last month for fans to choose a new skin for her.

The three options were Deep Space Illaoi, Battlecast Illaoi, and Adventurer Illaoi.

Voting concluded today, and the winner was Battlecast Illaoi, according to Riot's announcement.

Battlecast Illaoi won the popular vote with an impressive 45 percent. In second place was Deep Space Illaoi, which lost by a whopping 15 percent, which means Adventurer came in last place with a grand total of 25 percent of the total votes.

According to the announcement, veterans of Illaoi (those that have played over 100 games as her), voted in overwhelming favor of Battlecast, which means most of her biggest fans should be very pleased with the results.

The skin will begin development shortly, and Riot has promised to keep fans in the loop throughout the entire process. The goal is to release the skin within the first six months of 2018.

Hang in there, Illaoi players, your champ's first non-release skin is on the way.

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