V5’s Karsa breaks LPL jungler record for most kills in a single game with 17 kills

Viego keeps on resetting.

Photo via Riot Games

Karsa broke the LPL record for the highest number of kills in a single game for a jungler in today’s 2022 Spring Split Playoffs matchup between Victory Five and JD Gaming. He boasted a KDA of 17/1/12 in game three.

Karsa picked Viego in tthree games this regular season and only won one match with the champion. Coming to the playoffs, however, he dominated the enemies with the Viego pick in the right composition.

The 25-year-old jungler locked in the Ruined King when the best-of-five series was tied at 1-1. In game three, Karsa was present everywhere on the map and participated in all but five of V5’s kills in the match. His initiations during the teamfights were terrific, and he kept getting resets on the enemy champions, which made him unkillable. The second-highest number of kills in today’s third game went to JDG top laner 369, who ended up with nine kills to his name.

Aside from the kills, Karsa had brilliant objective control and showed an overall exemplary display of skills on the champion. Mastering Viego requires a player to know every champion’s strengths, and Karsa did that by using his abilities and resets to perfection in the match. Due to his strong objective control, his team quickly overthrew the opponents and won the series to continue their LPL 2022 Spring Split playoffs run.

Karsa will play against the loser of tomorrow’s match between Top Esports and RNG to continue V5’s lower bracket run.

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