Upset sets lowest death count in LEC history with 11 deaths in 2022 Spring Split

It's been a record-setting season for the veteran marksman.

Photo via Riot Games

In Fnatic’s last game of the 2022 Spring Split regular season today, star AD carry Upset set the record for the lowest death count in the LEC history, with 11 deaths over eight weeks of competitive play. He also picked up his 1,000th career LEC kill in today’s match against Excel Esports, joining players like Perkz, Jankos, and Rekkles.

The 22-year-old finished off the spring with a league-leading 16.5 KDA, according to competitive stats aggregate Games of Legends. He collected a whopping 87 kills and 106 assists, along with only 14 deaths. Although other leagues haven’t ended their regular season just yet, Upset is on pace to have the highest KDA of any player in the four major regions, including the LCK, LCS, LPL, and of course, the LEC.

In the game against Excel, he was a menace on one of League of Legends‘ newest champions, Zeri. He led his team in the teamfights, grabbing eight kills and seven assists without a death when he and his team crushed the opposition in 30 minutes. His teamfighting ability, spacing, and decision-making were on display as he zipped around and dealt damage while avoiding crowd control and incoming fire.

Upset has quickly become a top-two AD carry in the region. The German star had huge shoes to fill when he took over Rekkles’ spot on the roster, but he proved to be more than capable of holding his own and carrying his team to victory.

Moving forward, Upset and Fnatic will be focusing on the playoffs. Last year, the team failed to win the LEC championship in both the 2021 Spring and Summer Splits when MAD Lions took home back-to-back trophies. But this split, Fnatic have continuously looked like the strongest lineup in the league.

Catch Fnatic in action when the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs begin on March 25.

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