UoL keep their 2021 Worlds dream alive by spoiling C9’s perfect track record

The LCL representatives get their first Worlds win in a decisive match against Cloud9.

Unicorns of Love
Images via Riot Games/Getty Images

Unicorns of Love defeat Cloud9 for another chance to get in the group stage in what was supposed to be their last match today. 

The third day of the League of Legends World Championship could have been disastrous for the LCL representatives. But UoL keep their hopes for group stage alive by taking down the undefeated Cloud9 in less than 30 minutes.

NA’s third seed were almost on “cloud nine” when Unicorns of Love woke them up. Cloud9 would have qualified for the group stage if they won this match. But, with UoL’s win the two teams will have to play one more game in a tiebreaker to get a chance at reaching the main stage of Worlds. 

From the beginning of the match UoL were on the right page, claiming first blood as well as putting pressure in the mid lane. Despite those advantages, C9 were ahead in gold and seemed to be on the right path to claim their spot in the group stages thanks to two successful tower dives in the top lane. 

UoL hit back, taking down three members of the enemy team in the first teamfight of the match. By the 15th minute the LCL representatives had gold and tower advantage, as well as three dragons within their assets. C9 tried to find ways to retake what they were losing, also taking away the soul drake from their opponents. But it wasn’t enough.

UoL charged in the mid lane taking down everything that stood in their path, from opposing champions to the enemy nexus. 

With this win UoL get another shot at grasping their place in the group stage fighting against BYG, PCS sencond seed.
C9 will also have to face another team, the LJL representatives DFM, to qualify for the group stage. 

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