Tyler1 shows off his Rakan mechanics, helps his team score a triple kill

The popular streamer has the moves.

Photo via Riot Games

Rakan is one of the most demanding champions in League of Legends in terms of mechanics. But his abilities allow for players to turn the tides of a team fight.

From time to time we see various streamers and players showcasing their skills on the Charmer, and now Tyler1 has done just that.

In a recent game of solo queue, Tyler1 ventured into the top part of the River to clean some enemy wards. An enemy Jarvan IV was waiting in the bush, however, waiting for Rakan to get in range of his Demacian Standard (E) and Dragon Strike (Q) combo. But, unluckily for the Demacian’s champ, Tyler1 was swift and avoided his incoming abilities.

The streamer was stubborn. He didn’t want to give up on clearing the river from the enemy’s wards, so he stayed around. This made other opponents join the fray. Tyler 1, however, once again successfully dodged crucial enemy skills and bought enough time for his team to come to his aid.

Once his teammates joined him, he started to retaliate. Tyler1 activated The Quickness (R) and began charming his opponents.

At that point, Rakan’s squad came in clean up. Once his ultimate ended, Jarvan was dead, and Tyler1’s allies focused on the remaining two. Morgana was quick to follow her jungler’s fate, with Akali joining her seconds later.

Thanks to op.gg, we can see that Tyler1 and his team managed to come out victorious in this game.

The popular streamer is most notable for playing AD carry champions in League, especially Draven. In the clip, though, he showcased he’s more than capable of doing a great job in the support role.

Rakan isn’t an easy champ to play, making Tyler1’s play even more impressive. If you look at the support’s win rates around the world in Platinum rank and above, you’ll see that his win rate is the 21st best in the role, according to U.GG.

Still, Rakan remains one of the most picked champions in professional matches. In the 2022 LEC Spring Split, for example, Rakan has the second-highest pick and ban ratio (56 percent) out of all support champions, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

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