Tyler1 receives custom gift from Riot after reaching Challenger rank in all 5 League roles

He's a problem.

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

On Feb. 19, popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1 finally achieved his two-year quest to reach the Challenger rank in all five of the game’s roles. Shortly after hitting Challenger in his final role, support, Tyler1 received a custom-made gift from Riot Games.

The League developer sent the Twitch streamer five separate medals, all adorned with the Challenger crest. Each of the medals represents one of the roles in the game that Tyler1 reached the top rank in. Riot also added banners to all five medals, signifying the month and year Tyler1 hit Challenger in each respective role.

The custom-made, one-of-a-kind medals were made by Riot in collaboration with HokuProps. The Riot Games Creator Support Twitter account also touts that the custom medals are light-up.

Originally well known for his Draven play, Tyler1 reached Challenger in the bottom lane far before he began his eventual journey across the other four roles. Influencer manager for Riot Games Mel Capperino-Garcia said the company began working on these medals back when Tyler1 hit Challenger in the top lane in May 2021.

Tyler1 first began his role-spanning quest in the jungle position, which became his second Challenger-tier role in May 2020. Later on, the Twitch streamer hit Challenger in both solo lanes (top and mid) in the 2021 season within only a few months of each other. Finally, the already accomplished League player reached Challenger in support this month.

Riot made sure to recognize Tyler’s incredible accomplishment, also hinting at his custom gift just days prior to its arrival. The streamer has had a long, unexpected road to becoming the face of League. Indefinitely banned from his favorite game a little over five years ago, Tyler1 has since played on the LCS stage, hosted his own third-party tournaments, and now has been bequeathed a gift from Riot itself.