Tyler1 and Yassuo’s Twitch channels have grown since their feud began

The two streamers have to be happy with their viewership numbers.

Photo via Riot Games

While Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is known as one of the most popular League of Legends streamers in the world, many people may not be aware of Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, another League streamer.

Yassuo is becoming increasingly more popular, however, thanks to an ongoing rivalry with Tyler1. The pair, after playing against each other in a few matches and trash talking, each decided to wager $10,000 on who can achieve the higher rank by the end of March. The only catch is that Yassuo can’t use his best champion, Yasuo, and Tyler1 can’t use his best champion, Draven.

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The bet, which began on March 5, has helped both streamers’ Twitch channels. Even the much larger Tyler1 has seen growth over the past week and a half, according to The Esports Observer. TEO reported today that Tyler1’s channel has been averaging more than 30,000 concurrent viewers since March 4, a large improvement from 21,230 concurrent viewer average in 2018. He also peaked at 60,720 concurrent viewers once since March 4, showing how immense his audience really is.

Yassuo’s channel, which averaged 4,610 concurrent viewers in 2018, averaged 22,470 concurrent viewers over the past week and a half. He also peaked at nearly 40,000 concurrent viewers on March 7.

And while neither Tyler1 nor Yassuo wants to lose $10,000 to the other, the two can probably find relief that their respective streams are doing great at the moment. Some viewers are even likely to stick around after March concludes, too, meaning they can potentially grow their base audience moving into a new month.

H/T The Esports Observer