Twitch and Riot are teaming up to bring new features to League of Legends streams

You'll be able to sort channels by solo queue rank and by which champion is being played.

Image via Riot Games

Video and streaming platform Twitch has teamed up with Riot Games to bring two new features to the League of Legends channel directory, Twitch announced today.

The features are intended to help fans more easily navigate the countless League of Legends channels on Twitch. The first will allow viewers to sort League channels by a streamer’s in-game rank. The other will allow them to sort channels by which champion each streamer is currently playing. Not only will this make wading through the forest of League channels easier, but it will also bring some more exposure to smaller streaming communities by creating two very large filters.

For example, if you want to see someone play Teemo on Twitch, you can look through only the channels of people currently playing as Teemo. If the handful of popular League streamers aren’t playing him, you automatically start to see many less popular channels that you can explore. This could hurt streamers who are less talented at the game itself, though, because it’s more likely that viewers will search for Challenger players more than they search for Silver, Gold, or even Platinum ranked players.

Overall, these two new features sound excellent, especially because they should be ready to use with Xayah and Rakan, League’s new champions. They should surely help navigate the endless sea of League channels, but it will be interesting to see how they will impact the League streaming community.

Both features will be available for use on Twitch today.