Twisted Fate player secures pentakill using only blue cards in URF game

"It's all in the cards."

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player used an unorthodox approach when attempting to snag a pentakill with Twisted Fate in a game of URF. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a Twisted Fate player secured a pentakill in an URF match by utilizing only the blue cards made available to them through Pick a Card (W). 

In this specific URF game, the cooldown of Twisted Fate’s Pick a Card (W) was just about two seconds, so by the time the Twisted Fate player had used an enhanced auto-attack to take care of one enemy, the ability was back up, and the Twisted Fate player could move onto their next target. Additionally, since the blue card deals 120 damage at max rank plus 90 percent of Twisted Fate’s ability power, it’s the perfect choice among the three cards for one-shotting enemy champions. 

In the clip, the Twisted Fate player made their way through the enemy base, picking off opponents with singular blue cards until none remained in their path. Eventually, the Twisted Fate reached the enemy fountain, where an opposing Caitlyn player had retreated to avoid the blue-card-carnage. Still, the relentless Twisted Fate player pressed on, diving the enemy fountain and striking the Caitlyn player with yet another blue card. 

And while the enemy team had been officially aced at that point, the Twisted Fate player still needed one more kill to secure their pentakill. So, they sat on the steps of the enemy fountain, waiting for the final player on the opposing team to respawn. When the final target, an Ekko player, returned to life, they were instantly taken out by an ambitious blue card from the Twisted Fate player.

The Twisted Fate player gave their life in the process of landing the fifth and final kill but still commanded a teamfight in which they single-handedly aced the enemy team twice while also grabbing a pentakill for themselves.

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