TSM’s Hauntzer takes Doublelift, Liquid rivalry to another level, calls them “boosted”

The former teammates could potentially face off in the finals.

Photo via Riot Games

TSM top laner Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell called Team Liquid “boosted” and a “free win” in an interview with Akshon Esports following TSM’s win over Echo Fox on Aug. 24.

During the interview, Hauntzer was asked whether he would rather play Team Liquid or Cloud9 in the semifinals, and he chose Liquid. 

“I know that team is a free win, their weaknesses are the solo lanes, and I feel like Soren [Bjergsen] and I were up on them by huge margins,” Hauntzer said.

While TSM struggled early on in their latest match against the defending champions, they managed to pull out a win that solidified their place in the playoffs.

TSM’s bottom lane was a weak link the last time the two LCS titans clashed, giving up early kills in lane. Hauntzer said after the game that the team reviewed their performance and felt confident in their ability to win against Liquid should they play again.

The bot lane matchup would also feature a familiar face. Liquid marksman, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, was manning the helm last summer on TSM before being replaced. He’s been vocal about his dislike for the team ever since, even going so far as to say on stream that he hopes they never find success again.

Hauntzer responded to Doublelift’s comments in the interview, dismissing his new team as “boosted.”

“It would feel amazing to shit on Peter [Doublelift] because he is quite the trashtalker,” Hauntzer said. “He called us boosted, but I think that he is the one that is boosted. It is not even just Peter himself; it is just Team Liquid the whole team.”

Unfortunately for both parties, the two will not be playing in the semifinals. TSM is facing Cloud9 instead on Sept. 1, while Liquid will take on 100 Thieves the day after. Both TSM and Liquid would need to win a best-of-five series in order to back up their trashtalk.