TSM lock top-2 Mid-Season Showdown seed after dominant win over Golden Guardians

TSM could potentially face Cloud9 in a tiebreaker later today.

Photo via Riot Games

After scratching away at the roof of the LCS standings for the better part of the last six weeks, TSM have finally secured themselves a top-two seed heading into the Mid-Season Showdown.

A convincing 28-minute victory against Golden Guardians earlier today has paved a path to the top of the league for TSM. The League of Legends team still has a chance at moving up in the standings if they can get a little help from Immortals later in the day. 

Over the course of the next few hours, TSM fans will have to wait with bated breath for Cloud9’s upcoming matchup against Immortals. Should Immortals snatch the upset and take down Cloud9, TSM will find themselves in a tiebreak scenario with Cloud9 for first place. In that perfect world for TSM fans, both teams will sit in first place with a record of 12-6 and a split head-to-head record across the last six weeks. 

The most impressive performance of the afternoon came from TSM’s jungler, Spica. The electric LCS sophomore led his squad to a dominant victory to close out the regular split, posting a scoreline of 9/2/4 on Olaf, a champion that has become something of a trademark for Spica. 

For Golden Guardians, a treacherous Spring Split run comes to an uneventful end. The team managed to only win three of the 18 games they played in this split and will look towards the summer for a chance at redemption. 

Even after yesterday’s potential-filled victory against a red hot CLG team, Golden Guardians failed to keep the good times rolling. During that contest, the team’s rookie top laner Niles had one of, if not, the best performance of his young career, posting a 4/1/9 scoreline with some impressively aggressive play on Kled. But today, he and the team regressed and will ultimately head into the mid-season break with a plethora of questions to answer. 

While TSM’s Spring Split has come to a close, the postseason is just beginning. A playoff bracket on the horizon, in addition to a potential tiebreak scenario, should be major litmus tests for a team that has had high highs and very low lows thus far in 2021.

Regardless, just a few hours stand between TSM and knowing if the top seed at the Mid-Season Showdown could come down to one final game between themselves and Cloud9—the two squads that have gone blow-for-blow with each other throughout 2021.

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