Top Esports win crucial 3-game series against JD Gaming in week 5 of the LPL Spring Split

Top Esports won the 2020 LPL Finals rematch and improved to 4-4 in the LPL 2022 Spring Split.

Photo via Riot Games

TOP Esports won the LPL 2020 Finals rematch against JD Gaming in a close three-game series in the LPL 2022 Spring Split.

JD and TES entered today’s match looking to boost their record and build a stronger footing in their quest for a spot in the playoffs. And in today’s match, both teams showcased their ability to dominate, and each team showcased why they could be dark horses in the LPL.

JD’s surprises began on the draft when TES AD carry Jackeylove added Draven into their composition. JD got off to a strong start in game one, with Kanavi helping top laner 369. However, TES fought back from their early-game struggles to bring the game to an even standpoint in the mid-game before grabbing control of the game at 22 minutes after they took Baron.

JD kept even ground with TES throughout the later stages of the game but didn’t get a strong enough advantage to get back in the game. Jackeylove finished the game with 11 kills on his signature.

In game two, JD got their revenge onto TES, building a 6,000 gold advantage over their opponents before the 14-minute mark thanks to jungler Kanavi’s early-game map control on his Viego. TES were defenseless. The insurmountable gold lead from JD was too much to stay afloat as JD took it to a third game.

Though each team dominated the other in the first two matches, the final game of the series proved to be the closest. Advantages were traded back and forth between the teams, though TES held a slight advantage throughout. JD sparked a near-resurgence in a fight near a dragon when they killed Jackeylove’s Zeri, but their efforts were not enough. They were cleaned up by the remaining members of TES, who pushed into JD’s base at the 30-minute mark and grabbed their fourth win of the split.

Given the format of the LPL, these teams will only face off again this split if both make the LPL 2022 Split Playoffs. Though, given their middle-of-the-pack placement, they would both need to make deep runs to see a rematch of the 2020 LPL Spring and Summer Finals again.

This win has bumped TES up to a 4-4 record and put them in the playoff picture at 10th place. They are just behind FPX, who are just ahead of them in the individual game wins, and are also their next opponent to open week six of the LPL 2022 Spring Split. 

This important win against JD puts TES in playoff contention again after they hovered around the 11-12th place range in their first four weeks of play. Now, they find themselves on a two-series win streak and at an even record. 

It’s not the end of the world for JD, however. They still have a firm grasp on their top eight placement. They will look to bounce back in Week Six when they take on Anyone’s Legend.

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