Top Esports take down Team WE in LPL quarterfinals

They'll face Invictus Gaming in the semifinals.

Photo via Riot Games

Top Esports advanced to the 2020 LPL Spring Split semifinals earlier today by beating Team WE 3-1.

TES were considered the stronger team coming into this series due to having better results than WE in the regular season and because of their win streak since signing 19-year-old star, JackeyLove.

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Despite these expectations, though, TES lost the first game to WE. TES’ jungler Karsa left his top laner, 369, alone against the assaults of enemy top laner Morgan and jungler beishang, who set the pace of the game with his Lee Sin.

WE weren’t able to continue their success, however, since they lost the next three games of the series against TES. In the second game, WE mid laner Teacherma showed some confidence by locking in his signature Aurelion Sol. But TES completely denied his pick and trapped him under his turret in the laning phase.

JackeyLove comfortably won his bot lane matchup on Varus and poked the team alongside TES mid laner knight’s Syndra, making every engage impossible from WE. They patiently took the advantage in the mid game and wrapped up the match to tie the series.

The third game went the same way. Despite TES’ top laner being left alone by Karsa, who focused on his farm in the early game, he held his lane and took successful fights in the mid game with Ornn. Knight and JackeyLove annihilated the enemy team for the second time on Syndra and Varus.

TES gained an advantage in the decisive match faster than they did in the other games. WE couldn’t use their early game focused composition to its full potential and fell behind in teamfights without enough engage tools. Knight, on the other hand, rolled through the game with his stacked Corki to help TES move on to the LPL semifinals.

JackeyLove will face his former team Invictus Gaming in the LPL Spring semifinals. He joined IG when he was only 15 years old. He then became a world champion with the team in 2018 before leaving the squad after the 2019 season.

TES’ new ADC will face IG on April 26 at 4am CT. It’ll be a difficult matchup for TES since their opponent is the top team from the LPL regular season. Even if they looked strong in today’s series, that might not be enough to take down the top team in the region.