Top Esports fines substitute top laner Qingtian a month’s salary following solo queue incident with Faker

The 19-year-old also apologized for his actions in-game.

Photo via Riot Games

Faker might be the greatest League of Legends player of all time, but even he can get annoyed from time to time because of a few teammates. After voicing his complaints over the actions of a solo queue player on stream, it was discovered that the player is a substitute top laner for Top Esports named Qingtian. In response, the team has fined the player a month’s salary.

Faker was streaming some solo queue for his fans yesterday when he ran into an Aatrox player who wasn’t playing to the best of his abilities. The three-time champion claimed the player was constantly throwing and had a bad mentality—Aatrox finished the game with 16 deaths and no kills, leading to a 32-minute loss.

The 25-year-old star continued to complain about the state of Korean solo queue after the game ended, saying that these are the kind of players he hates most, but it seems like Riot is OK with letting them go, as translated by T1 staff in the chat. He also said that he “didn’t know why Chinese players were given Riot super accounts in the first place” and that problems in solo queue have been around since 2015.

Top Esports released a statement on the organization’s official Weibo, claiming that the team detected Qingtian’s negative behavior, have reprimanded him for his conduct, and are deducting a month of his salary as punishment, according to a machine translation. The team will also be increasing its training and supervision over its players.

Qingtian also apologized in the same statement, saying that “as a proplayer, [he] should have been more conscious in safeguarding the environment of the game,” according to a translation posted by iCrystalization. He said he’ll be taking each game seriously moving forward.

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