Top 5 League of Legends Valentine’s Day skins

Love is in the air; and more importantly, on the Rift.

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time for League of Legends players to share the love on Summoner’s Rift? It’s the time to spread joy and happiness, and what better way to do that then to look at the top five Valentine’s Day skins, which will kill you faster than you can say “I love you.”

With that being said, here are the top five Valentine’s Day skins to give as a gift to your special duo or significant other.

5 – Sweetheart Annie

Fancy giving your sweetheart a big teddy bear this year? Be like Annie; give them the biggest and best one you can find that will hug them… to death.

4 – Heartseeker Lucian

Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than looking your finest for that special someone, while also gaining the attention of others who question why their significant other didn’t try as hard as they did.

3 – Heartseeker Orianna

Valentines and candy go hand in hand. Be sure to give your duo a special lollipop this year that can be as sweet and destructive as they are; just like Orianna’s special Valentine’s Day ball of “love.”

2 – Sweetheart Sona

Love is in the air, quite literally. The right music will help fit the scene and nothing says “love” like playing the harp for your special someone and having the music do the talking for you.

1 – Heartseeker Varus

What would love be without cupid? He has an eye for these things, with his ability to bring people together for a happy future. That piercing arrow of his is as effective as it is deadly.

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Images via Riot Games

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