Three new Dark Star skins hit the Rift in League’s Patch 9.12

"And now, the curtain rises."

Image via Riot Games

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After only one skin hit the Rift in Patch 9.11, League of Legends is back on track with its skin releases. Three skins will become available during the Patch 9.12 cycle, and fans of the Dark Star skin line will be happy to know that this batch of skins is out of this world.

As the first of the three new skins, Dark Cosmic Jhin will cost 1820 RP and will come with its own voice over. His Curtain Call (R) features a unique new look which will differ depending on the team players are on—those on the opposite team of Dark Cosmic Jhin will see an outline of purple and teal with a black hole in the ability’s area of effect, while allied players will see a clear, bright blue outline without the black hole.

Shaco and Karma are also joining the list of Dark Star recipients with Patch 9.12. The two will cost 1,350 RP each and will feature new ability sound effects for both of the champions. Both skins will release with their own sets of chromas for additional purchase.

As is customary with skin releases, the new Dark Star skins won’t be available immediately following the patch’s release but will join live servers later in the week.

Dark Cosmic Jhin

Image via Riot Games

Dark Star Karma

Image via Riot Games

Dark Star Shaco

Image via Riot Games