This sneaky jungler is dominating LoL’s low ranks but gets worse the higher you go


League champions, Taliyah, Jayce, Pyke, and Kai'Sa, preparing for combat.
Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, there isn’t a single universal formula that works in every Elo because what goes well in Bronze could be considered griefing in Diamond. This is the case with one jungler who is mopping the floor with players in Iron and Bronze right now, but the higher you climb, her win rate gets worse.

Hyper-scaling jungler Lillia is currently holding a whopping 55.22 win rate in Iron, according to stats site But in Bronze and Silver, that goes down to 53 percent. That isn’t the end of that tale, though, because in Gold and Platinum, her win rate hovers around 52 percent, and it continues to drop the higher you go in League’s ranks.

Shan Hai Scrolls Lillia holding her magical staff.
Lillia is easy to learn, but hard to master. Image via Riot Games

Although Lillia is in a strong spot, this by no means suggests she is broken. In fact, this could be a classic case of what can be called a “noob stomper.” In simple words, a noob stomper would be considered any champion that has clear weaknesses and strengths, but the champion plays itself because it’s quite straightforward and doesn’t have any demanding mechanical moves you need to learn. Some other great examples of this are Amumu, Annie, Rammus, Dr. Mundo, and Teemo.

Another important hallmark of Lillia, and other mentioned champions, is that lower-Elo players don’t know how to deal with them because of a lack of knowledge and experience. At first, Lillia almost doesn’t have any flaws—she has decent AoE clear, excellent scaling, and even better teamfighting. What Iron and Bronze players often don’t realize is that she is quite weak in the early game, she’s squishy, and she has no real gap close except for movement speed from her passive, Dream-Laden Bough.

So, my working theory here is that Iron and Bronze players aren’t aware of the fact that Lillia can’t scale freely into the mid to late game and you should bully her early. The game plan should be to invade her and gank as much as you can while she’s struggling to find a camp or two and get back in the game. 

My final word of advice for all players struggling to break free from the chains of Iron and Bronze is to always stick to one or two champions and learn how to play them as best as you can—including learning how to play them against certain enemy champs. 


Izabela Tomakic
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