There are a whopping 24 champions being changed in tomorrow’s patch

Patch 7.15 is kicking down the door and delivering some sweet, sweet balance.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 7.15 is going to be arriving in all its glory tomorrow—and it’s a monster of a patch.

There are a handful of balance changes aimed at problem champions in every patch, but tomorrow, there are a staggering 24 champions being hit. At first glance, the long list can be a little intimidating, but don’t worry—it’s not as bad as it looks. This patch will be the patch that most Worlds qualifying matches are played on, which means it’s mostly devoid of big changes.

There are smaller nerfs to the champions that are just slightly OP, and there are some buffs to those that would be picked more often if only they were slightly stronger. Riot decided it was best to avoid the bigger problems for the time being so the meta stays relatively the same over the course of the next few weeks—when so many important games will be played.

Here are all 24 champions and their designated changes coming with tomorrow’s patch.

  • Akali – AP ratio on her passive increased by 10 percent. Cooldown on her Twilight Shroud lowered by two seconds. Buff.
  • Azir – Late game damage on his soldiers is being increased, resulting in 25 more damage per soldier stab at level 18. Buff.
  • Cho’Gath – Both the flat damage and percent health damage on his Vorpal Spikes lowered slightly. Nerf.
  • Dr. Mundo – Masochism now grants Mundo bonus Magic Resist every time he takes magic damage or uses a health cost. Buff.
  • Ekko – Phase Dive’s cooldown is lowered by two seconds at early levels. Buff.
  • Elise – Base attack damage decreased from 50.5 to 47. Nerf.
  • Ezreal – Mystic Shot’s cooldown lowered at early levels by one second. Buff.
  • Gangplank – Passive’s damage increased from 30-200 to 45-215. Buff.
  • Gragas – His base attack speed lowered slightly, and Explosive Cask’s cooldown raised at early levels. Nerf.
  • Irelia – Transcendent Blades’ cooldown lowered at early levels. Buff.
  • Jinx – Zap! cooldown lowered at all ranks. Buff.
  • Kayn – Umbral Trespass AD ratio raised from 110 percent to 150. Buff.
  • Lissandra – Mana per level increased from 50 to 60, and base attack damage increased from 50.5 to 53. Buff.
  • Lux – Light Binding’s cooldown lowered at early ranks, and Prismatic Barrier now stacks if it hits an ally going out and again on its return path. Buff.
  • Nami – Aqua Prison’s cooldown lowered at all ranks. Buff.
  • Nasus – Spirit Fire now reduces a percentage of armor rather than a flat amount, and while Fury of the Sands is active, his Q’s cooldown is halved. Buff.
  • Nautilus – Dredge Line’s early damage increased, and Depth Charge’s cooldown reduced at early levels. Buff.
  • Shyvana – Her base armor increased from 27.6 to 29, and Flame Breath now scales with total AD. Buff.
  • Singed – Insanity Potion now gives Singed a stat boost instantly rather than after a 0.25 second delay. Buff.
  • Sivir – Boomerang Blade’s damage increased at all levels by 30. Buff.
  • Twisted Fate – Base movement speed increased from 330 to 335. Buff.
  • Xerath – Eye of Destruction’s slow increased from 10 to 25 percent, and Rite of the Arcane damage increased at higher levels. Buff.
  • Zac – Stretching Strike’s health cost doubled, and Unstable Matter now deals less damage at all ranks. Nerf.
  • Ziggs – Satchel Charge’s cooldown lowered at all ranks. Buff.

Of course, there are some changes on this list that are actually pretty significant that will impact the meta much more than the others. But for the most part, these are small changes with small results in mind. This list of 24 champions also includes the most important change of all, the Urgot update, which is shipping with tomorrow’s patch as well.

Hopefully these tiny changes will widen the meta a bit more to make room for more champ diversity.