The best Viktor skins in League of Legends

"Join the glorious evolution."

Image via Riot Games

Released in 2011, Viktor is a relatively old League of Legends champion, but was thrust back into the limelight with the premiere of the League animated series, Arcane. 

Despite his appearance as a main character in Arcane and his subsequent resurgence in popularity in late 2021, Viktor was one of the only League champions featured in the first season of Arcane to not receive an Arcane skin. After receiving two skins upon his initial release, Viktor has earned just three more in the last 10 years. Still, with all three serving as significant cosmetic upgrades for the champion, it’s hard to be too disappointed. 

Although Viktor has only been granted five unique skins by Riot Games, some of them have remained modern and relevant throughout the years. Here are all of Viktor’s skins in League, listed from most to least-visually appealing. 

Creator Viktor

Image via Riot Games

Creator Viktor is the equivalent of a “Battlecast” skin for Viktor, and although it was released nearly nine years ago, it still holds up with many of the game’s newer skins—even newer skins released in the Battlecast skin line. With crisp animations and a slick black and red color scheme, Creator Viktor is classified by many players as the champion’s best and most iconic skin. 

Death Sworn Viktor

Image via Riot Games

Complete with a plague doctor-esque mask and a cobalt and violet combination of colors, Death Sworn Viktor is one of the champion’s most visually unique and striking skins. Unfortunately for Viktor mains, it has made its way into the Legacy Vault and is no longer available to purchase in the League store. 

PsyOps Viktor 

Image via Riot Games

Released in 2020, PsyOps Viktor is the champion’s newest skin, and it shows. With an array of colors attached to every ability, as well as a prismatic effect showcased extensively on every spellcast, this skin is sleek and shiny. Perhaps the most noteworthy finite detail of PsyOps Viktor lies in the slight upgrades made to Viktor’s equipment, such as his staff and robotic arm, whenever he enhances an ability via his passive, Glorious Evolution. For example, a glowing golden aura around his extra arm will emerge when Death Ray (E) becomes augmented. 

Prototype Viktor

Image via Riot Games

For Arcane fans looking for something that’s close enough to Viktor’s appearance in the show, particularly the later episodes of the first season, this skin is the best option out there. Unfortunately for those fans, it’s unavailable to purchase in the standard League client shop. Viktor players will need to wait for a special promotion like Your Shop for a chance to buy Prototype Viktor. 

Full Machine Viktor

Image via Riot Games

Full Machine Viktor was released alongside the champion in 2011. Without many new visual effects or added bonuses, it’s one of the weaker skins Viktor players have at their disposal.