The best Akali skins in League of Legends

Akali has a whopping total of 14 skins. Here are some of her best looks.

Image via Riot Games

It’s not a particularly well-kept secret that Riot Games loves to make skins for Akali. Among all League of Legends champions on the game’s roster, Akali sits in a tie for fifth with 14 different skins in her catalog. 

Practically every skin for Akali is different from a thematic standpoint since the champion is incredibly versatile in her design. With skins where she’s depicted as a samurai-inspired ninja and others where she takes on the appearance of an urban popstar, Akali’s range is unrivaled. 

There are a lot of options to choose from for Akali players and there’s a good chance—just from judging by the raw volume of Akali’s skins—that one of your favorite skins for the Rogue Assassin missed our list. Here are five of our favorite Akali skins in League


Image via Riot Games

Akali’s updated popstar look, which came alongside K/DA’s comeback in 2020, is flashy and glamorous. Akali’s appearance in this skin is incredibly modern and could easily blend right into the real world. This skin shows off Akali’s now-iconic and unique navy/gold hair, as well as the shining silver jacket that’s become synonymous with her alternate lifestyle as a celebrity. Perhaps the most impressive little detail that goes into this skin, though, is that Akali dons the motorcycle helmet she wore in the music video for K/DA’s “More” while invisible in her Twilight Shroud (W), adding a contrast of color to the enveloping smoke. 

Silverfang Akali

Image via Riot Games

No skin represents the assassin fantasy attached to Akali better than Silverfang Akali. With an all-black outfit, Akali channels her inner ninja and slips into the shadows easily, while her blinding white hair in this skin provides a striking contrast. Additionally, the lightning-blue visual effects that each of her spells give off with this skin make Akali feel like a harder-hitting, faster-moving character. 

Blood Moon Akali

Image via Riot Games

Perhaps the most visually pleasing of League’s 19 Blood Moon skins, Blood Moon Akali sets the standard for what a skin from one of League’s most populous skin lines should look like. The skin was released in 2011 but still holds up alongside many of the game’s more modern skins. Most impressively, Blood Moon Akali stands out with its color scheme. Akali’s model in this skin is filled with stark whites and stunning crimson, while the royal blue effects attached to each of her spells add a crisp touch to the skin. 

True Damage Akali

Image via Riot Games

Although Akali will always have a place in K/DA, the look associated with her place in the True Damage lineup is an almost equally impressive skin. This skin is certainly bombastic in regard to Akali’s modern, borderline streetwear-inspired outfit, as well as her abilities’ usage of holographic and neon effects. But the subtleties of True Damage Akali—like the small color explosions of orange and royal blue that occur whenever Akali strikes an enemy with an auto attack—take the skin to the next level. 

Crime City Nightmare Akali

Image via Riot Games

Akali’s newest skin is, thematically speaking, her darkest yet. Crime City Nightmare Akali takes inspiration from Eldritch tropes, employing crimson and violet visuals that rely on shadowy horror and combining them with the aesthetic of League’s traditional Crime City skin line. The result is a corrupted assassin in a slick pinstripe suit—easily one of the most unique looks in all of League