The 5 best Star Guardian skins in League of Legends

The Star Guardians will return to action next month.

Image via Riot Games

A new Star Guardian event is coming to League of Legends next month. Riot Games revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming in-game event earlier today in the art style of traditional Japanese animation to which the Star Guardian skin line pays tribute. 

Although there are a plethora of Star Guardian skins already in League, new skins in the line have not been released since 2020. This summer’s upcoming event will likely add a new batch of skins, profile cosmetics, and in-game missions for players, marking a new chapter in the Star Guardian universe’s story.  

In honor of League’s upcoming 2022 Star Guardian event, here are the five best Star Guardian skins already in the game. 

Best Star Guardian skins in League of Legends

Star Guardian Jinx

Star Guardian Jinx from League of Legends.
Image via Riot Games

This skin applies a sleek and shiny polish to Jinx’s model, as she’s decked out in her bright red and white Star Guardian outfit, while equipped with an arsenal of eye-catching abilities. In opposition to her traditionally industrial and heavy-handed rockets, bullets, and lasers, Star Guardian Jinx employs the champion with pink projectiles that make bright and bubbly sounds upon impact. 

Star Guardian Neeko

Image via Riot Games

In what may be Neeko’s best skin, Neeko boasts a peach-and-jade color scheme in her Star Guardian look, which is applied to each of her abilities, as well. Neeko’s ultimate, Pop Blossom, is a real highlight of this skin, as its explosive radius of damage is accompanied by a prismatic rainbow effect that ties up all enemy champions who are hit by the ability with a little bow.

Star Guardian Poppy

Image via Riot Games

Poppy’s Star Guardian skin holds up as one of the prettiest skins in the line, as her bright blue model compliments her midnight blue abilities perfectly. Poppy’s hammer is lined with gold and silver trimmings, making the weapon command even more respect than it already does.

Star Guardian Poppy is a favorite among Poppy mains, as it’s one of the most visually striking skins, especially considering she doesn’t have many shiny and modern skins to begin with. Poppy has more skins in League’s legacy vault than she has for sale in the in-client store. Thankfully, Star Guardian Poppy is fully available to purchase. 

Star Guardian Zoe

Image via Riot Games

As if Zoe wasn’t cosmic enough to begin with, her Star Guardian skin adds another layer of  depth and power to her aesthetic. Zoe’s Star Guardian skin is a bit alternative in comparison to other skins in the skin line, as Zoe is actually classified as a “corrupted Star Guardian.”

As a result, her abilities mainly feature dark, cool colors like blue, violet, and black. Her trademark ability, Paddle Star (Q), takes on the form of a dark purple beam that appears to be summoned directly from the void. 

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot

Image via Riot Games

While not part of the Star Guardians himself, Urgot’s Star Guardian skin showcases his desire to be a part of the group. Dressed up in a pair of pajamas in honor of the Star Guardians’ alternate Pajama Guardian skin line, Urgot pays homage to the Star Guardians. Still, even though Pajama Guardian Urgot isn’t a full-blown Star Guardian himself, his abilities in this skin are still enhanced by bright blue colors and dazzling rainbow effects.