The 5 best Miss Fortune skins in League of Legends

There's something for every player.

Miss Fortune is one of the most popular ADC champions in League of Legends. Her straightforward playstyle and abilities make her a common pick for players new to the game.

Out of all the champions in League, Miss Fortune has more skins than most, boasting 14 unique cosmetics. Each of these skins has a different theme or style. Throughout all the options, there’s something for every player.

Here are some of the best skins available for Miss Fortune.

The top five Miss Fortune skins in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Crime City Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

As one of the champion’s older skins, Crime City Miss Fortune completely alters the theme of the Bounty Hunter, transforming her aesthetic from that of a pirate to one of a mobster.

The gang-inspired skin reimagines Miss Fortune in a pinstripe suit complete with a pair of Tommy Guns as weapons. Outside of the obvious visual changes, this skin keeps everything else the same as the champion’s traditional look. Despite this, the skin is one of the best options for Miss Fortune and goes to prove that you don’t always need a huge overhaul to craft great skins.

Bewitching Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s Bewitching skin launched as part of the 2019 Halloween skin collection. This skin changes Miss Fortune’s outfit, opting for a witch’s attire instead of the captain’s look familiarly associated with the champion. Bewitching Miss Fortune opts to use a set of candles in place of her pistols.

This is one of few skins in League that’s also available as a Prestige edition. This version of the skin makes some substantial changes to its design, opting for a white and gold color palette, while also changing the weapon design and completely moving away from the candles in the previous iteration.

Bewitching Miss Fortune is only available through the legacy vault. The skin’s Prestige version was available for 100 Prestige Tokens through the Hextech Crafting section of the client during the 2019 Halloween event.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

As part of one of the most popular skin lines in the game, Star Guardian Miss Fortune puts a playful cosmic spin on the champion with a range of new effects. Equipped with two floating star companions, this skin completely redesigns Miss Fortune’s character while keeping the key elements of her look. She still utilizes a pair of pistols, but these have also been restyled to suit her cosmic aesthetic.

While this skin may cost 1,350 RP, it’s well worth the price for the impressive amount of detail introduced through the unique animations and audio.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is by far the most intricate skin available for the champion, and that is reflected in its hefty 2,775 RP price tag. This skin is more than a cosmetic enhancement, however. It fully transforms the champion with only her skillset remaining the same from her base skin.

In this skin, Miss Fortune dons a unique set of armor equipped with two massive weapons connected to her back. These are controlled by handles on each side. As you would expect for a skin with this level of detail, there’s a set of unique animations and audio lines for each movement and scenario players may find themselves in. The skin even allows players to change the appearance of the champion between four unique color patterns on the fly during games.

If you’re a Miss Fortune main or a player who finds themselves using the champion quite often, this skin could be worth investing in for you.

Arcade Miss Fortune

Image via Riot Games

As part of another of the more popular skin lines in League, Arcade Miss Fortune has been a beloved look for the champion since its release. The bright colorful redesign of Miss Fortune includes a variety of references to arcade games and similarly themed technology. The skin has its own unique animations that keep with the theme as well as unique audio samples for a variety of actions.

Arcade Miss Fortune has remained one of the most popular skins for the champion due to its bright and playful colors partnered with animations that have made the Arcade skin line standout. This is a skin worth picking up if you play the champion.