The 5 best Kennen skins in League of Legends

Here are some of the best looks for the Heart of the Tempest.

Image via Riot Games

Kennen is one of League of Legends’ older champions, but many of his skins hold up and add extra depth to his visuals, even a dozen years after the champion’s original release. 

In the early days of League, many of Kennen’s skins were simple recolors of his model with very few ability effects. As time went on, Kennen became very limited in terms of his customization. But in 2019, Kennen received a visual update, turning many of his older, more outdated skins into visually striking alternatives for the champion. 

Although many of his skins are similar in nature (Kennen’s simplistic kit doesn’t leave much room for extensive alternative ability design), there are plenty of different color schemes, base models, and unique effects that can be applied to the Heart of the Tempest. Here are five of Kennen’s best skins in League.

Blood Moon Kennen

Image via Riot Games

Blood Moon Kennen is a skin that was truly ahead of its time. Despite being released in 2016, its model, spell effects, and colorizations for each of Kennen’s unique abilities give off the impression that the skin could have been released as recently as last year. Complete with a mix of crimson red and midnight blue lightning effects, Blood Moon Kennen is one of the champion’s most visually appealing skins to date. 

Super Kennen

Image via Riot Games

Super Kennen is one of Kennen’s simplest yet most polished skins. With a tight, blue-gold outfit and slicked-back white hair, Kennen takes on the appearance of an aspiring superhero. His abilities don’t get too many special visual effects in this skin, but his shurikens do have a bright-blue color to them, making them easier to see and giving Kennen a bit more liveliness to his usual color scheme. 

Infernal Kennen

Image via Riot Games

While Kennen’s burning model stands out as a constant source of attention in this skin, the champion’s spell effects steal the show. This skin causes Kennen’s ultimate to call down pillars of volcanic flame, making it one of the most impressive editions of Slicing Maelstrom (R). Beyond his most bombastic abilities, though, the little details of Infernal Kennen stand out as well. Kennen’s Marks of the Storm (P) appear as burning heads with devilish smiles, while his Thundering Shuriken (Q) leaves behind a trail of smoldering ash. There’s a serious case to be made that Infernal Kennen is the champion’s most intricate skin. 

DWG Kennen

Image via Riot Games

DWG Kennen commemorates the 2020 World Championship won by DAMWON Gaming. The skin shows Kennen taking on the appearance of a raccoon in honor of DAMWON’s top laner Nuguri, whose name literally translates to “Raccoon Dog” in Korean. Beyond Kennen’s brown, furry visage, all of his abilities are enhanced with DWG’s teal-blue colors, giving his electric effects a striking new look. Kennen’s Slicing Maelstrom (R) summons a bright blue ring of energy that shows the DWG logo flashing over his head and is complete with distinct, flashing blue lightning strikes. 

Kennen, M.D.

Image via Riot Games

In 2011, Riot Games made skins for every assassin in the game as if they were doctors in a hospital. Kennen’s medical skin, Kennen M.D., received an upgrade in 2019 when Kennen got his visual update. That update applied green lightning effects to all of his abilities, matching the green surgeon’s cap he wears in the skin. The sea-green colorization for Slicing Maelstrom is particularly pleasing visually.