Teleport changes coming to the PBE

Another summoner spell will see some changes in the near future.

Image via Riot Games

After making some changes to a few summoner spells in recent patches, Riot is looking at possible alterations to Teleport on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), the company announced through its message boards.

These changes are based around players misclicking targets or not being able to click to escape quickly on the minimap. These changes include:

  • “Teleport will look for nearby valid teleport targets when you cast it…
  • To protect against fat fingering or accidental casts, this only applies if the target location is 2000+ units away.
  • No longer buffers spells during teleport.”

These changes are not confirmed to hit the official game itself, but offer a brief glimpse into what we can expect in the future.

These fixes, if any, are not likely to come into place until patch 7.7, but should offer some quick-casting chances to head down to the bot lane easier without needing pinpoint accuracy.

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