Teemo can no longer become one with the jungle thanks to this new League mechanic

Peek-a-boo no longer.

Image via Riot Games

Following League of Legends Patch 12.21 on Nov. 2, Teemo mains have faced a frustrating new problem in solo queue.

From now on, the game can be voted to be remade from 1:30 to 3:00 if a player is inactive for 90 seconds. Although this is a small change at first glance, it indirectly impacts Teemo players who simply stand and wait in the brush for their passive to kick in.

As a result, players on League‘s subreddit have complained about losing LP and getting penalized for being seemingly AFK.

One Teemo main shared their experience from a game where they waited in a brush for the enemy laner to catch them by surprise. But the strategy didn’t go according to plan because someone started a remake vote, leading to the player losing 17 LP and receiving a penalty.

The first wave of minions spawns at 1:05, but it takes it around 30 seconds to reach the top lane and trigger combat. Before the change was made to the remake system, Teemo players could remain AFK and wait for the perfect moment to strike. Now that tactic is extremely risky.

This doesn’t just affect Teemo players either. The change could also impact players who wait in the jungle as “human wards” to scout out the enemy team.

During a four-vs-five scenario, only two votes from the first team need to be cast as a yes for the game to be remade.