Choi “Locodoco” Yoonsup returns to TSM as coach

Team SoloMid has tabbed Choi “Locodoco” Yoonsup as their new coach

Team SoloMid has tabbed Choi “Locodoco” Yoonsup as their new coach.

One of the founding members of TSM way back in January of 2011, Choi has close ties to both the Korean and American pro gaming scenes. That vast experience should be a boon to a struggling TSM team, currently 4-4 and ranked fifth in the North American League Championship Series.

Team owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh tweeted that the new coach will arrive on Tuesday, and that the team’s “hard work will start showing in the LCS.” Dinh has long hinted that a true coach was needed to keep TSM on the cutting edge of League of Legends competition, as teams like Dignitas have expanded their staff this season and benefitted for it.

The new man in charge has a tall task ahead of him. So far this season TSM has looked out of sorts. Their champion select phases have been disastrous, and the team has failed to find a playstyle that takes advantage of the talent they added in the offseason, German jungler Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider and support Nicolas “Gleeb” Haddad.

If anyone has the experience to get it done, though, it’s Choi. He’s a veteran of both the American and Korean pro gaming scenes, competing as part of TSM while at school in Texas before playing for teams like StarTale and NaJin White Shield in Korea. More recently, Choi took part in the ill-fated Quantic Gaming, a team of Korean pro players who moved to America to qualify for the LCS. They failed in that pursuit, marking the end of his career as a player.

As someone fluent in both Korean and English, who competed in both regions, Choi has a unique perspective on the League of Legends pro gaming scene, one that should be very valuable to TSM. Choi also comes with a previous relationship with Haddad, having coached the new support in Cloud 9 Tempest last season.

Choi reportedly had offers from other teams, such as the current top team in the European LCS, Alliance, but chose to don the colors of his former squad.

He joins a coaching staff consisting of other ex-TSM players, including team owner Dinh and former jungler Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie, who stepped down to coach in the offseason. But it seems that Wyllie’s position as a coach wasn’t having the impact needed, so Dinh turned to Choi.

Choi will have a rough welcome to his new coaching role. TSM plays the NA LCS defending champions Cloud9 on Saturday, the first match in his coaching career.

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