Sylas player uses hidden technique to destroy opposing Yone

Yone had no idea what was coming for him.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends player used a hidden combo of Sylas in combination with Yone’s ultimate to destroy his opponent in the blink of an eye.

In a clip shared by the player earlier today, the Sylas stole Yone’s ultimate during a one-vs-one skirmish in the mid lane. After Yone realized that he was not going to win the fight, he retreated towards his base and looked safe until Sylas executed his combo to perfection.

Sylas cast the stolen Yone ultimate, which has a wind-up time of 0.75 seconds. During the charge up, he then dashed to a minion to reposition the skill ultimate, quickly landing the kill on the unsuspecting Yone.

The interaction is usable in combination with various ultimates and allows Sylas to reposition himself while casting. Another notorious example was seen last year from a player who stole Skarner ultimate from his opponents. He flashed in on the opposing Ashe, ulted her, before using his E to drag Ashe away a long distance from her tower.

In many cases, ultimates in Sylas’ hands are better than their original champions. Last year, he was a premier counterpick to Gnar in the top lane. While Gnar needed Rage to cast skills, Sylas didn’t need to–making him unpredictable in a fight.

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