The Star Guardian skins and brand new game mode are coming with tomorrow’s patch

Patch 7.17 is here, and that means tons of Star Guardian stuff.

Image via Riot Games

Everyone’s favorite skin line is about to get a lot bigger.

Five more Star Guardians are joining last year’s squad. And after all the teasers they’re finally almost here, according to the official patch notes for Patch 7.17.

Star Guardian Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Ahri, Syndra, Soraka, and all their Sailor Moon style colors, animations, abilities, and sound effects are going to arrive during tomorrow’s patch. Each skin, except for Star Guardian Ahri, will cost 1350 RP. Ahri’s will cost 1820 for the greater list of features included with it.

Star Guardian Ahri

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Star Guardian Ezreal

Star Guardian Soraka

Star Guardian Syndra

The new skin line is also coming with a brand new game mode. It’s called Invasion, and it’s a PvE mode where you and your fellow Star Guardians must defend Valoran City Park, a new map, from hordes of intergalactic monsters. For the full list of rules and objectives, be sure to check out our coverage on the new game mode.

The game mode starts on September 7 and runs through September 25, and that’s likely when the skins will arrive as well, but the patch notes aren’t clear on that.