SKT sent Tyler1 a package with merch and a custom figurine

"T1 recognizes T1."

Screengrab via Tyler1

“Greatness recognizes greatness,” or so the saying goes, but there may be no better example of that than iconic League team SK Telecom sending a care package of sorts to popular streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp with signed SKT apparel, as well as an awesome figurine.

Along with a jersey, hat, and tank top, Tyler1 received a miniature figurine of himself and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok standing on a platform. And while Faker was missing a foot when Tyler1 showed it off, the figurine was undoubtedly well-crafted and resembled the two players.

In fact, Tyler1’s figure was rocking his own grey “Winnable” tank top, while Faker’s figure sported a red-and-white SKT jacket and black SKT sweatpants. Along with the merch and figurine, an obviously old letter was addressed to Tyler1.

“Tyler, in celebration of our recent LCK Spring Split victory, T1 would like to present you with this gift,” the letter read. “T1 recognizes T1. We hope you will tune into MSI and cheer us on next month.”

And while the gift may be a tad late, Tyler1 seemed ecstatic to open up his present. He was probably pretty happy SKT made his figure taller than Faker’s, too.